As all our trips are tailormade it is difficult to mention exact prices on our website.

Prices depend on several things:

The size of your group

It is obvious that travelling with 4 or 6 people together will be cheaper than travelling single or as a couple. Cost for  e.g. guides and transportation are shared between all travellers.


Pavilions Himalayas Hotel Pokhara

The choice of accommodation

Staying in a fivestar hotel is more expensive than staying in a standard guesthouse. Prices mentioned are based on normal standard hotels: clean and comfortable hotels with ensuite facilities. We normally don’t work with basic hotels, unless nothing else is available in the area.

Upgrades are always possible and quite a few travellers make a combination of our standard hotels and an occasional luxury accommodation.

It is important to mention the type of accommodation you prefer when asking for a qoutation.

Bhutan transportation

The choice of transportation

We mostly use private cars with driver. This saves time compared to public transportation. It allows you to stop wherever you want for a photoshoot or for a walk through a village.

Some distances can be covered by domestic flights, saving even more time.

But if you want we can always include a trip with a local bus or train, just to get the feeling

The concept of your trip

Most travellers ask us to design their whole trip, from the arrival in the airport till the return home. We provide accommodation, transport, guides, excursions,… However, if you want to be more flexible and go exploring on your own, this is also possible.


The best thing to do is to give us as much information as you can about your travelplans. This will allow us to come with a correct price and a fair offer.