Nimmu House is a small boutiqe hotel situated in the Indusvalley about 30km from Leh. It was built in the early twentieth century by Rinchen Namgyal Zildar, a cousin of the king of Ladakh. After the Indian Independance when Ladakh became a part of India, the noble family could not maintain the house. In 2012 however a Ladakhi entrepeneur started the renovation to restore the house in all its former glory.

Nimm House hotel Ladakh

Nimmu House: more than just a hotel

The house has 33 rooms with 2 temples and several stables, and part of it is being converted into small hotel. Some luxury tents in the orchards add an extra dimension for those looking for a comfortable and quiet stay.

At the end of the renovation project, Nimmu House will have 12 rooms and suites, 5 luxury tents, a dining room, a library, a living room, a rooftop terrace, two outdoor restaurants, yoga & meditation room, a spa, a local craft store, and many common areas.

A lot of attention is given to eco-sustainability in the building process with double glazing and solar panels for energy.

The local community of the nearby Nimmu village is involved in the whole project and local people are employed in the hotel.

Activities in and around Nimmu House

Nimmu House can be a great stop after a trek or a journey through Ladakh. It is a perfect place to unwind for a couple of days and have a relaxing time.

The staff of the hotel can take you for small village walks to experience the daily life of the Ladakhi countryside, but you can also go on cultural sightseeing excursions to some of the most impressive monasteries in the Indusvalley like Likir, Alchi and Phyang.

Those who are looking for adventure can go on a rafting trip on the nearby Zanskar and Indus rivers.