How we work

Explore the Himalaya is not an ordinary travel agent or touroperator.

We focus mainly on tailormade tours and private travel.  This means we won’t push you into pre-made travelpackages, but we take our time to make your Himalayan Holiday just as you wish.

We know this takes more efforts from you than just click and book a pre-made travelpackage, but be assured that it’s worth it.

The more information we get from you, the better will we be able to design your trip.

Basically we follow at least 3 steps

Step 1: Feed us with information

we ask you to send us an e-mail giving us at least this information:

  • Name
  • number of travellers
  • time available
  • period of travel
  • preferred destination
  • Most important: traveller’s profile (what are your interests? How active are you? Have you been doing this kind of holiday before ? What kind of accommodation do you like ? Are you a couple / family/ group of friends? )

With all this information we will draw up a first itinerary with price indication.

Step 2: Give us your feedback

Take your time to have a look at our itinerary and see if this is what you really like.

Give us your feedback and we will be happy to make the necessary changes or discuss the itinerary. All our itineraries are flexible and can be adapted to your flight schedule.

Step 3: The Final Offer

Once the itinerary is fixed, we will make you a final offer based on the availability of accommodations.

If this is ok, we send you a travel confirmation and ask you to pay a deposit.

In the meantime we make all travel arrangements.

After receiving the deposit we will send you our travelpackage, full of information and useful tips for your trip.