Intercontinental flights are not included in our trips. We can always make you an offer, but you can book your flight through any agency or booking website.

All our itineraries are flexible and can be adapted to your flight schedule.

 Flight to Nepal

From Europe, USA or Australia there are no direct flights to Kathmandu’s Thribuvan International Airport (KTM).

Especially in the main trekking season (october -november) flights can be heavily booked and prices rise the longer you wait. As a lot of Nepali work abroad in the Gulf sometimes flights can be crowded with Nepali coming home for festivals or celebrations.

Good connections are offered with Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways (with stops in Abu Dhabi or Doha). Sometimes they even have 2 flights a day to Kathmandu.

Also flying through Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur with Thai Airways or Malaysian Airlines might be an option for those coming from down under.

From Europe, Turkish Airlines mostly offers the cheapest flights via Istanbul.

Traditionally Delhi Airport was a main hub for flights to Kathmandu. It still is with several flights a day to Nepal with Jet Airways and Air India.  However, you can have a long layover time depending on your flight to Delhi and Delhi is famous for delays (especially in foggy winter times).


Flight to Bhutan

Flying to Paro, the only international airport in Bhutan, is always an adventure. The approach to the Paro valley is one of the most spectacular landings in the world. Only a small number of pilots are allowed to do this.

Bhutan Airlines and Drukair are the only two airlines that can land in Paro. They fly regularly from Bangkok, Delhi, Kathmandu, Singapore, Kolkatta and some other Asian hubs. Don’t travel on a too tight schedule as flight timings can be changed suddenly depending on weather conditions.

Drukair and Bhutan Airlines flights can only be booked through registered Bhutanese companies. We normally ask our Bhutanese team to book these flights for you.

Please book well in advance, especially in october – november, as seats are limited.


Flight to India – Ladakh – Kashmir

All major carriers fly to New Delhi, the hub for flights to the Indian Himalaya.

Onward flights to Leh, the capital of Ladakh, are always in the early morning (between 5.30 am and 7 am), so it might be necessary to spend a night in Delhi. We can offer you a hotel near the airport.

If you arrive in Delhi around midnight the best option is to proceed straight to the checkin for your flight to Leh. You need to pickup your luggage and checkin again.  In terminal 3 you can take a short sleep in the Airport Hotel or in one of the sleeping cubicles.

When travelling to Kashmir – Srinagar there are several flights a day.

Please be prepared that flights to Leh are weather dependable. Sometimes flights are cancelled or heavily delayed, so don’t travel on a too tight schedule.