We only focus on holidays to Nepal , Bhutan and Ladakh.

We explored (and keep exploring) these 3 countries very thoroughly, travelling in the area several times a year.

Combined with the deep knowledge of our local partners, we really feel that we can make the difference and give you correct advice for your Himalaya trip.

Every destination has its own character and spirit.


Nepal is certainly the best known destination of all three. No country in the world has so many high mountains on its territory. It’s a paradise for those looking for the ‘great outdoors‘. Trekking in the Foothills or in the High Himalayas is a rewarding experience for every keen hiker.

Apart from that Nepal has a rich cultural heritage with lots of hindu temples, buddhist monasteries, old palaces and medieval squares.

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Bhutan, the Land of Happines, is probably one of the most remarkable countries in the world. This small kingdom is trying to find a way to combine buddhist spirituality with the modern 21st century. Preserving ancient traditions is a way of life in Bhutan, not a gimmick for tourists.

Tourist numbers are very limited which makes it a perfect destination for those looking for an exclusive Himalaya experience.

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Ladakh in the north of India is also known as Little Tibet. It is a rugged country, made by thousand of years of wind- and watererosion. Spectacular landscapes, high mountainpasses, green pastures and big rivers… are the setting for any Ladakh-trip. Tiny hamlets and villages spread out through the valleys like stepping stones. Several trekking trails lead across high passes from one valley to another.

Culturally Ladakh is probably more Tibetan than Tibet. Monasteries like Hemis and Lamayuru are amongst the most important in Tibetan buddhism, but also in smaller more secluded gompas Buddhism is practised in its purest form.

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